The life of a Mom can be chaotic, busy, unorganized, and often messy. (Hey, there is no shame here!)  It’s a balancing act of juggling many plates in the air all spinning at the same time.  


And let’s face it – 2020 has not made it easy on us. 


Kids are at home taking online classes, or they are in a hybrid model in school some days and home others. That means we have had to add a full-time teacher to our ever-growing list of job titles.


I hear you, Mama! I know it can be tough to manage it all – especially when you have your own work during the day! Whether you are running your own business, working remotely, or taking some time off to focus on your family, I want to share my top 3 tips for setting up your home to manage (and hopefully avoid) chaos! 

  1. Dedicate specific spaces: When you share spaces with the entire family for an extended period of time, it can definitely lead to chaos and anxiety. But by giving everyone in your family their own dedicated and specific space within the home, you can help create a little getaway for everyone inside your own home.

    Even if it is just one specific seat at the dining room table or a small table next to your desk, it is so important to allow each member of your family to have a sacred space to get their work done, store some of their personal belongings, and escape to a place to be able to focus on what needs to get done each day. By letting your children and partner have ownership of their space and make it their own, each member of the family will gain a sense of responsibility to maintain their little area. (This will help you too, Mama!)
  2. Organize. Organize. Organize. I know it’s easier said than done, but organization is the key to keeping your home stress free!

    Designate a home for all of your odds and ends. The things you need regularly should be kept within reach or eye line. For example, if you print a lot – your printer should be displayed close to your workspace.

    If your children regularly use glue and markers, keep them in an organizing tray on top of or near their workspace. In doing so, your children won’t have to come to you for help every time they need supplies. And it’s a win-win! Your kiddos will feel more independent and you save a few extra minutes to get more work done. 

           The things you don’t use regularly, but still need on occasion should be tucked away in a labeled container so you can easily pull them out as needed. 


3.  Create a Schedule. I see so many moms create perfectly curated schedules for their families, but they fail to accurately communicate or display the schedule for their children and partner to see.

In order to get your entire family on the same page, print out a blank schedule and work with your entire family to fill it out. Giving your kids some ownership over the schedule and calendar will help them take ownership of your family’s daily routine. Once completed, hang the calendar up where everyone can see the day’s events!


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