Guidelines for a Successful Relationship

  1. Murphy’s Law of Design: “if something can go wrong, it will.” Teamwork and communication usually gets things back on track.
  2. Perfection (or Lack of): Nothing is perfect; human hands make things. It’s the designer’s job to define the industry tolerance level based on experience.
  3. Communication: should we need an emergency decision and the client is not available, the design team will make an informed decision based on available information.
  4. Deposits Required: Purchased product or contracting will be ordered only with a signed proposal and 75% deposit.
  5. B.D. (Payment Before Delivery): Many custom items must be paid for before they are shipped. Please expect an invoice for balance due before the piece is delivered.
  6. Lead Time: Add four weeks to the factory’s estimate. It will ALWAYS take longer than they tell us.
  7. Custom Orders: Once we commit to an item and order it, we own it and it cannot be returned. A custom piece also requires time to produce.
  8. Restocking Charges and Cancellations: Sometimes a factory will allow merchandise to be returned with a restocking fee. This fee ranges from 10% to 60% plus the freight to return the item. Sometimes a factory will allow cancellations if the items have not been shipped. Often there is a cancellation fee. The client will be responsible for paying these fees.
  9. Updates: We will keep you updated on the progress of orders and projects and share the information that the factories and workrooms give us. This information may not always be accurate, and it may not always be what you, the client, wish to hear. We will strive for honesty.
  10. Deadlines: Parties do not make things happen sooner! Christmas is not a deadline! We want projects finished as much as you do and we will strive to make that happen as quickly as possible. The use of threats, cajoling, bribing will not rush the end product. However, it will make an enjoyable experience become stressful and unpleasant.
  11. Back Orders: Factories make a certain number of items on a schedule. An item may be out of stock and on back order. Generally, the factory will give us an expected ship date. There is no guarantee that the date will be accurate. Please refer to UPDATES. We will keep you informed.
  12. Discontinued Items: There will be times when a selected item is no longer available. While it is a disappointment and an inconvenience, we will find acceptable replacements and solutions.
  13. Freight Damage: Merchandise may be damaged in shipment. Resolution may be in the form of discounts, pick up and reshipping of the item, or local repair. The factory usually makes this decision. We will resolve this in a timely manner.
  14. Freight Charges: Delivery from manufacturer to our receiving warehouse. These charges can vary based on fuel costs and surcharges at any given time. Freight for your large items will be invoiced separately and at our cost
  15. Delivery Charges: Delivery is from our local warehouse to your job-site. This charge is based on the number of items, number of men needed, and location. If the items need to be warehoused long-term there will be an additional storage fee. Delivery is often included in your original proposal.
  16. Installations: Our office will schedule installations and deliveries. We try to make deliveries as smooth as possible. Sometimes they may be late and not as neat as we would like. Generally, the designer will be present at installation. Working as a team assures that any problems we have will be solved.
  17. Dye Lots: If an exact color is required, we will order a cutting of the current stock for approval. This step adds time to the order but may prevent a major disappointment. Current dye lots may not match a sample exactly and there a 16% acceptable tolerance level in the fabric industry.
  18. Coordination of Colors and Samples: The colors of coordinating wallpaper and fabric seldom match. Due to the difference between fabric and paper, colors print differently.
  19. Leather: There are many finishes on leather. We want you to understand the care and marring properties of your selection. The most expensive leathers are not treated and do show marks, oil from hands, etc. This leather takes more care as it develops its patina.
  20. Carpet: Carpet is a fabric and it requires care. Stain protection does not mean that the carpet will not get dirty. It means that the carpet releases some stains easily. Seams, footprints and vacuum marks will show differently in each of them. We will discuss what to expect during carpet installation to relieve some stress.
  21. Sub Contractors: The scheduling of contractors and sub contractors, when coordinated through Style 1519, will be handled in the quickest manner possible. Occasionally delays will occur. Style 1519 will do their best to accommodate schedules of all parties involved without holding up the project.
  22. And the most important rule for success?  Communication is of the utmost importance as is a sense of humor.

“A lot of times people have an idea in their head of what “it” looks like … but they can’t quite articulate it. We are proud to work to help clients put their ideas onto paper, and eventually onto their floors and walls in a way that matches what’s in their mind, or even better.”
— Mollee Johnson

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