The now-infamous 2020 challenged us in more ways than one. What started off as what was supposed to be the “Year of 20/20 Vision” turned out to give us clarity in ways we could have never imagined.

With our kiddos and partner now working from home, we are now challenged to take a good look inside the walls of our own home and how our spaces work for our family.    


As we enter the second half of the school year and turn the page on a new year, it’s time to reflect on what worked and didn’t work last year. And if you are in the long-haul with distance learning, it may be time to turn a space in your home into a full-time classroom.



But have no fear! You don’t need a spare bedroom or extra office to design an effective classroom for your children. Here are my top tips for turning ANY (yes, I do many any) space into an at-home classroom.


  1. Find the space. As I said, this doesn’t need to be a big space but it does need a dedicated surface to work. This could be a desk on an empty wall, two filing cabinets with a flat surface across them, or even turning one side of your dining room table into a makeshift office

    It is important to make sure the space has good lighting, and space to hang teaching tools, display your daily schedules, and storing school supplies.
  2. Dedicate this space as the work area only.  Now hear me out… We don’t all have separate offices or rooms available to use for a learning space, , but we can get creative.  It is important to dedicate this space for work so you do not have to transform your workspace back into a living space at the end of each day! (And most importantly, this leads to better productivity!)

    You can do this by using a room divider, hanging a curtain, or using bookshelves to corner off your workspace. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Find comfortable seating. . We all have lots of chairs in our home, but they are not all created equal.  A task chair should allow your child to sit upright and focus. If all your chairs are a bit too large for the kids, put a pillow behind them and a stack of books under their feet.  This will minimize the fidgeting if they can sit upright with their feet on the floor to see their lessons. 


I have yet to find a home that did not have a space to create a full-time classroom area!


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