Those open your eyes reveals on tv always seem perfectly accessorized- why is that? Well they have a team of experts working behind the scenes, but I’m going to give you some easy tips that you can do yourself that will make you accessorizing look as good as it does on tv!

  1. Take things down.  Don’t just add new stuff, give yourself a clean slate to work with.  You will have a better idea of what you’re working and what you want the end result to be if you can see the space clearly.
  2. Set out the items you want to display in one place.  Preferably near the area you are wanting to accessorize.  It can be on the dining table, coffee table, or even on the floor.  You need to see what you have to work with all in one place.
  3. Go hunting! Take a walk around your house.  Are there accessories you don’t use often, things in bins you’ve forgotten, stuff in the basement or the attic or even already out but could be relocated? Grab those things and add them to the group.
  4. Start with one side of the area you are working on. You will want to start with a taller accessory then balance with a medium and then a small.
  5. Bonus tip: always accessorize in ODD numbers!
  6. Start your next grouping- if you’ve got a group of 3 on one side of the shelf, the other side should be a grouping of 1 or 5.
  7. Visual balance- if the shelf above has a stack of three books, don’t put more books below.  It will visually feel too heavy- move the next stack of books down a few shelves or to the other side.
  8. Layer- you’ll want to overlap, or set in front of, or use the triangle rule- typically lining up all your accessories isn’t going to give you the look you are hoping for.
  9. Step back- sometimes we are too close to our work to really see what it conveys- take a step back and see your work.  Even walk out of the room and return.  You will get a fresh take in it.
  10. Don’t be so critical- if you love it- leave it!