Tips for decorating your family room so it’s beautiful and functional

Remove the clutter.  Get yourself three bins, Keep, Donate, Toss.  Take 15 minutes and go through the room. 

Think about the flow of furniture, not just placed around where the tv is, but how many ways to use the space

Get fun storage pieces that are easy for kids to reach and use 

Stylish pieces that you like that function for the family- such as multifunction tables, ottomans, shelves with drawers

Multiple places and heights to sit (sofa, sectional, chairs, pillows) Not everyone needs back support so use that to your advantage 

Use layers of lighting if you can- functional cans are great for playing games or working on projects, lamps are good for mood lighting, tv watching, or conversations. 

Put in charging stations – if you put some thought into this, phones and tablets won’t end up laying on the floor to charge.  Your layout and furniture choices will play into this, so they can be near or in front of outlets. 

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