Christmas decorating can be a daunting task.  With a little bit of planning and a few tips, your home can be festive and party-ready!   When the stores begin putting out Christmas décor, use it to get inspired and select an overall theme for your own home. Choose a color palette that you can easily incorporate your existing holiday décor while adding new fun touches. Then take on the three main areas of your home. 


Stairs: Start with a plain green garland. First, decide if you plan to swag your garland, or if it will follow your railing.  To attach your garland, use a beautiful ribbon and tie the garland onto the railing.  This will keep your railings damage-free, as well as become a part of the design.

Add your own touches each year to tie in your theme or color.  You can add pine cones, ornaments, ribbons, floral picks, anything you can wrap a wire around will attach to your garland. 

Take a step back from time to time to get a different perspective. 


Mantle:  First, add a plain garland. 

Second, add height. Nestle in candlesticks, trees, Santas, lanterns, etc.  Vary your heights and remember to add items in odd number groupings.  

Third, add ornaments along the garland that will reflect the light.  

Finally, layer ribbon over the top and fill holes in the garland. 


Tree: Start on the inside and work out.  Use solid glass ornaments and line the trunk.  This will fill any holes as well as reflect light and make your tree look full.  Think of your tree as a cake and add one layer at a time. 

When you are done decorating the tree, step back, and squint at your tree.  By doing this, the dark spots are revealed, and you can fill those in. 


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