In my most recent Facebook Live, I discussed which trends are making their way onto the style scene and which ones are becoming less popular. If you aren’t in my Facebook group, Functional Family-Friendly Design,  I would love for you to join! Even if you’re already in my group, this recap will be helpful as we covered a lot of great information in the video. 


As an interior designer, I’m frequently asked what styles and trends people should use in their homes. A recent survey showed that the more traditional styles are declining in popularity for the first time in 30 years. Due to the world’s current state, more people are spending their time at home, working, homeschooling, etc… Because of this, traditional (more ornate and fussy) styles are taking a backseat to more minimalist styles that are simple, clean, and functional. 


Trends Going Out


Rose Gold-

Rose Gold hit its peak at the end of 2017 and has dropped 22% in popularity since then. If you love the look of metallics, then stick with Gold and Silver. These classic metals can be used alone or layered together for a warm look. 


Shabby Chic-

Shabby Chic has been on the scene since 2016. Although this was a trendy style at one time, the interest in this style has declined by 15%. It seems that a more Bohemian style is replacing  Shabby Chic. The new trend is less of the distressed/flea market style and more of an up-to-date style…in other words, less shabby, more chic.


Nautical Decor-

Nautical Decor consists of elements with a lake or ocean vibe such as portholes, oars, anchors, etc… This look does not suit every style of house. Unless you actually live near the beach, this style is on it’s way out. 


Canopy Beds-

The popularity of the Canopy Bed peaked at the end of 2015. Since then, the popularity of this style of bed has decreased significantly. Wood-paneled headboards in the Urban Farmhouse style are replacing them. 



Chevron has decreased in popularity due to the overuse of this pattern. I once heard a saying that if a design shows up on a Kleenex box, it has become a dated trend. When you see a print showing up on tissues, it’s a pretty good indication that the market has become oversaturated with that particular print. Try herringbone for a similar yet classic look.


Chalkboard Paint-

Chalkboard Paint burst onto the scene alongside the Farmhouse style. It was easy to use and had a fun vibe…you could write your grocery list right on the wall. However, it quickly lost its appeal due to the messy nature of chalk dust. A natural alternative to the chalkboard style is the use of cork on your walls. Cork is naturally soundproof, environmentally friendly, and you can even use it as a built-in bulletin board. 


Mason Jars-

I know, I know, most people love Mason Jars. I love them too, and I honestly was a little sad to see that they are on the out list. Sleeker glass bottles in varying shades and silhouettes are replacing Mason Jars. These bottles are a great design choice at the moment due to the popularity of neutral rooms in shades of white or gray. They add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral spaces. 



Given the less is more style making its way onto the scene, the fussiness of drapes and curtains is going out the window, literally. The technology of remote-operated blinds is replacing them. The blinds are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. 


Trends Coming In


Warm Colors-

Green is making a splash onto the scene. People are trending towards wanting to bring warmth into their space. Deep olive and hunter green are going to be popular shades. We will see these colors showing up on accent walls, fabrics, and even ceilings this season. 


Textures & Layers-

Textures & Layers are a great way to add warmth to a room, especially with the current neutral color trends. If you don’t want to add warmth to your room through color, you can do it through texture. Adding layers of texture to your room is the foundation of great style and can be achieved using pillows, blankets, and plants.



Boucle’ is a textured slubby fabric that is making a comeback in the world of interior design and the fashion world. You don’t want to go overboard with this style. Choose just a few focal points in the room, such as pillows, a chair, etc…


Cane Or Rattan Furniture-

Chairs, beds, and sideboards are all places you can bring cane furniture into your decor. Cane and Rattan furniture is not a new trend. These styles were popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s but then became dated. These styles are currently making a comeback. This style has been updated by using it on more modern lines. They have a Bohemian style, which is a good fit for current trends.


Non-porous Surfaces-

With everyone hyper-aware of germs at the moment, non-porous surfaces such as concrete or laminate countertops are sure to become a trend. We will have to wait and see if this becomes a long-term trend or if it only remains popular during this season.  


Multi-functional Spaces-

Because everyone is spending more time at home, we need our spaces and furniture to be multi-functional. The kitchen may also need to be the schoolroom. You may need to convert a spare bedroom or a corner of the living room into a home office. I think our world’s current state will affect the way people think about designing their homes now. 


Year-Round Outdoor Spaces-

Outdoor Spaces are an innovative way to extend the square footage of your home. Outdoor Spaces are very popular right now on blogs, websites, and Pinterest boards. Any style of home can have a functional outdoor space, although those living in colder climates might have to get a little creative. Remember that even though you are outside, layers and textures are still important to make the space feel homey and welcoming.


Here are some final thoughts on current trends. Neutral rooms in shades of white and gray are going to remain popular. When considering a new style for your house, remember to use trends in small doses. If you keep your style classic and only add touches of current trends to your home, then it won’t be as challenging to change your style when the trends shift. Regardless of current trends, ultimately, the decision should come down to what makes you happy. My philosophy is if you love something, then put it in your home. You are the one that has to live there, and you should surround yourself with things that bring you joy.


Were you surprised by any of the trends going out or coming in? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.