When I was a kid I used to play “office.” I’d pretend I was a secretary in a big office building. I’d sit at my desk with papers and pencils all around, me, hard at work on my latest assignment.
I also remember going to work with my dad a few times and seeing offices with cream walls, old brown carpet, and dark laminate furniture. Looking back on those offices, they were very uninspiring.
Fast forward 30 years or so….let’s look at today’s offices. Boy, have they changed! Not only have the functions changed, so has the location. People are working from laptops, space sharing, and working from home more than ever before.
When designing an office space there are some things to think about:
Function: Where is your office space? How will it function for you?
Design: floor plan, ergonomics of the furniture, colors, and finishes.
Desk space, printer, file storage? Make a list of those extra items you may need around you.
The ability to work from home makes it both easier and harder to design. You can make your own design choices, but often finding that designated office area can be a challenge. I find that clients want to feel organized and inspired in their home office, but don’t know how to achieve that in their space.
Want more? Check out my Free Work from Home Guide, with tips for setting up a productive workspace in your home.  Also, join me in my Facebook group, Functional Family-Friendly Design.  I am currently doing a series of live events as I virtually design a home office for an actual client.