How do we stay calm in today’s world?

Like most of you, I have a morning routine. I get up, meditate, make a smoothie, send the hubby off to work. Kids get up, ready for school, off they go. I watch “Good Morning America” with my second cup of coffee, get emails answered, get the day going.


Now, my husband has taken over my office so he can e-teach his calculus classes. The dining room has become a school, so my two girls can do their required e-learning. I was still watching the news, taking my coffee to the basement. Until recently. The news was taking away my calm. I had this uneasy feeling watching the news; all the panic and chaos all over the world. This is exactly the type of thing that makes my anxiety want to creep back. These are the times that really challenge me. Yesterday, I could feel the panic trying to sneak in, like watching time-lapse photography of ice crystals forming and spreading. I realized that I had to walk away.
I have had to make some changes. I went back to meditating, midday. Typically I do this in the morning. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. So mid-day meditation it was. Still tough to shake those uneasy feelings, so I got out the paint. Crafting is my outlet. It doesn’t matter your outlet: exercise, meditation, journaling, yoga, dance, art, reading, listening to music, baking, cooking. You have to find something that stops the noise. That helps you find the calm.
I also sent my friends a Zoom link, and we got on a call and laughed. It was so good to see their faces, and we were able to catch up. It was calming to connect with others.
I’ve seen articles and posts saying ‘this is our new normal.’ I don’t think so. I do think that when life returns it will be different. I am reminded of 9/11, and life returned. Airplanes took off again and we traveled. It wasn’t the same though.
My hope is that when life does return we can embrace calm, each other, our busy lives. That we value our neighbor, a handshake, full grocery store shelves, coffee with a friend, dinner at our favorite restaurant.

We can do this. Do not worry about trying to stay in a routine. Create a new one. Do something today that helps to calm you. I’m off to paint!