Adding pillows to your decor is one of the best ways to inject some color and style into your space.  There are so many beautiful options at all different price points-so don’t be afraid to experiment!  Sticking with the matching pillows that came with your sofa is safe, and I challenge you to find something different.  There are so many ways to mix sizes and colors.  Yes, sometimes it helps to have a trained eye.  But if you are unsure of what style, color and size check out my tips below: 


  1. Use the colors in your space.  Your room already has color in it, so select three colors from your room and use those in the pillows.  Pull from artwork, rugs, fabric, and window treatments. By sticking with colors you already have, the pillows will feel cohesive in the space. 
  2. Choose your patterns.  Bringing 4-5 patterns into the room will help to give you that professionally finished look.  In addition to patterns already in the room, choose 2-3 additional patterns (for a complete 5).  Keep the scale of the patterns different. For example, if your “main” pattern is a large print, then add a medium check and a small stripe. 
  3. Texture. If you already have a lot of patterns going on, stick with a solid but add a texture or a tone on tone pattern that is more subtle. 
  4. Want a more modern feel? Stick to odd numbers.  If you want a more traditional look then go with even numbers. This is because even numbers will give you a look of symmetry. 
  5. What’s inside? A feather and down fill will have more give and look more luxurious. The foam fill pillows will hold their shape and are much more affordable than their feathered friends.  Some are personal choices; how you want them to look, if you plan to use them to lay on, and what you want to spend on pillows.  
  6. Shape first. Decide the appropriate shape of the pillow and then determine the size. 
    • Round- looks great on an accent chair, as your last accent pillow, or on a bed 
    • Square- most popular and readily available.  Various sizes look good on almost any piece of furniture 
    • Rectangle- Great for a large bed 
    • Box -has more depth so adds dimension quickly, can be round or square 
    • Lumbar or Bolster – used in singles and usually placed on accent chairs or beds or are found as armrests on loveseats, chaise lounge or similar 

     7. Size matters. Keeping the pillow in proportion with the piece of furniture it is on is the best thing to keep in mind. Putting a tiny accent pillow on a large sectional or a               20×20 pillow on a small side chair isn’t your best choice.  Most sectionals need a few 20×20 or 18×18 pillows in addition to some smaller 16×16’s.


Here is a quick guide to pillow size and placement.  Remember that design rules are meant to be broken so if you like it, go with it! 

Pillow Placement Guide

Pillows I recommend


Great Texture! 



Neutral stripe

Bold and unique



Boho and texture



Fun accent 



Set of 4 boho already matched for you!