How to Summerize your decor easily…

In the cooler months we want to feel cozy and warm in our surroundings.  The 90 degree temps of the summer shouldn’t only have your dressing in fewer layers, but lightening up your home and decor as well.  Use the remaining Spring season to plan and shop for some new Summer looks. Here are a few steps you can take to make your home feel cooler and look lighter in the dog days of Summer.  

  1. Get rid of the dark heavy throw pillows. Lighten them up with neutral or white pillows for a lighter feel. 
  2. Change the curtains. If you’ve got dark heavy curtains, replace them with bright white panels. 
  3. Add some green plants. Bring the outside in with a few house plants. No green thumb? These can be silk too! 
  4. Change light bulbs to bright white. No warm cozy glow needed in the heat of July! Change them up and brighten up your space! 
  5. Change up the seating. We don’t need to cozy in with lots of people and blankets in the summer so change your seating areas to spread out! Add a bean bag or two in a fun color and just watch the kids want to try out the new seating! 
  6. Add some fun summer candles and bright accessories. 
  7. Switch out your rug. This is also, a great place to brighten up and bring in some fun summer colors!