Do I love my kitchen? Yes, I love my kitchen. 


Well, it depends on which day of the week you ask me that question. 


Design is something that I have been either thinking about, studying for, working on, or working in, since the late 90’s.  Ask any designer and we will tell you, designing for our own spaces is tough! With clients, we have all the answers (usually before they know the question).  But when it comes to our own homes––that is another story.  


Why is this you ask?  


We have too many options, because we know them all!  We have seen ALL the trends (come and go), options, colors, and all of the really amazing new products.  When we see these for clients, we know exactly what should go where. This is totally different in our own homes. 


 I designed my kitchen when my husband and I moved into our home 14 years ago.  


We picked the cabinets––and what I mean by that is we compromised on the type of cabinets we chose.  [Marriage is all about compromising, right?] I picked the counters, the hardware, and the faucet. Since then, I have designed many kitchens and with each one, I always wish I could bring at least one element from each project to my own kitchen.  


My kitchen, which is now 14 years old, is itching to be redone. There are still aspects of my kitchen that I love and that I would integrate nicely into a newer version of my kitchen. For example, my light fixture––It took me 12 years to find the light fixture I wanted which means it’s  only 2 years new, so I still love it.  


I still love my faucet that is arched and sits elegantly over my large corner sink basin.  And I love being able to put full cookie sheets into my sink, flat with no tilting or spilling.  I am still loving the tumbled glass backsplash that goes perfectly with the toasted pecan paint on my walls.  


But, there are days… 

Days when I know I could have designed better organized spaces.  Those are the days in which I wonder “why I didn’t put in a pullout trash!” Whyyyy?!  

Those days when I wish I had redesigned my pantry area. 


I wonder though, even if I had done all of these things, would I still be exposed to way too many choices?  


It’s a blessing and a curse to be able to see so many options out there, the newest trends, and ever changing styles.  I love being able to present them to my clients and pick the one that is perfect for them.  

Designers equally love and hate designing spaces for themselves.  We are so proud of it once it’s done, but know that when it comes to our own homes, sometimes we struggle too!  


The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Designing takes time, knowledge, and creative ideas.  I have been blessed with not only the natural ability to match patterns and colors but also to have had the opportunity to obtain a wonderful design education and years of experience to put into these designs.  


Keeping all of this to myself and my client base wouldn’t be right!!  I have to be able to help more people! This is why I created the Everything you need to plan, budget and remodel your kitchen. Don’t stress about it anymore.