Have you ever worked with an Interior Designer before?  Until recently, I hadn’t.  When given the opportunity to virtually work with experienced designer, Mollee Johnson, I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed!


I work from home and am lucky enough to have a dedicated home office space. However, it wasn’t very functional. While I did have a large desk, it was not very organized and became a catch-all for files and paperwork.  The rest of the room was a collection of hand-me-down furniture and wasted space.  I chose this as the room to redesign.

During the initial consultation with Mollee, she asked me about the other rooms in my home, my personal style, and how I wanted the space to function.  While primarily used as my office space, every member of the family used the room in some capacity.  It even housed my Goldendoodle’s “bed,” a tattered chaise lounge that sits right in front of the window.  I wanted to include space for my four children in the room.  With remote learning becoming a reality, I needed them to be able to do their school work beside me while I worked. This may be asking a lot of a room that is 13’ x 11’. 

I was thrilled with the floor plan and initial proposed elements. Mollee suggested adding a small round table and chairs for my kids.  That idea had never even crossed my mind!  I loved it. A double-wide desk for my oldest daughter and I to share gives me plenty of surface area and some storage and organization.  My dog’s chaise lounge got an upgrade, and still sits in front of the window. My ugly old office chair has been replaced by a stylish version that coordinates perfectly with the room.  The new area rug is soft on my feet, yet meets my requirement of ‘can potentially hide stains.’

Mollee and I worked together through emails, text and video chat to tweak some of the elements and create a really cohesive design.  I  am the type of person that would spend hours upon hours looking at furniture or paint colors.  It was a relief to have someone else come up with suggestions to suit our needs.

 I love that the room I spend so many hours in makes me feel organized and empowered. For anyone considering Virtual Design Services, I say go for it! My newly redesigned home office is now my favorite room in the house.