Outfitting your space doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can design a home classroom with style and stay on budget.

Here are my top 3 affordable products to grab for your home classroom or distance learning space!.


  • Separating your items is key to staying organized. This rolling cart is one of my top products because it allows your kids’ school supplies and materials to stay within reach but also allows the flexibility to move as your workspaces grow or change. 

 Find this Rolling Storage Cart Here

  •  Organization is a trend when it comes to keeping calm amongst the chaos. This open-top organizer can be used for both school supplies and toys! This is perfect for the family that is using a family area or play or area as their distance learning space. The best part is that this storage organizer can sit against the wall, and the bins can be removed so your kids can take what they need and then put it back! 

Find this Storage Organize Here

  • This desktop organizer is great for your older children who have smaller supplies like pens and pencils, and are able to keep them a little more organized. Having this desktop organizer helps keep your supplies nice and close to your kids’ workspace without losing the little things.


Find this Desktop Organizer Here

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