I’ve never been a huge fan of going out on New Year’s Eve.  It always felt crowded and overpriced.  When I had kids, that thought was pretty much cemented and I’ve spent the last 13 years of my life at home doing various activities on New Year’s Eve.  I love sharing my creativity with my kids, and NYE is no exception.  Here are a few of the kids’ favorite activities. 

Remember New Year’s Eve is about who you are with-not where you are.  Making these memories with your family will stay with them forever. 




Balloons (filled with helium or blown up on your own)

12 activities written on small slips of paper. 

Roll up the slips of paper, and insert them into a deflated balloon.  Blow up balloons.  On each hour, pop balloons and do the activity inside.  



Decorate paper plates with markers and curled ribbon. 

Fill with ½ cup dry beans. 

Fold in half and staple. 


These are just a couple of the activities that we like to do as a family on New Year’s Eve.  I created a NYE Family Activity Pack with even more ideas for a fun-filled night together.

Get yours here!