It’s no secret that classrooms in your kid’s school are well designed. In fact, there are companies and design teams that dedicate their firms to designing schools and classrooms.  This is to maximize the learning environment to accommodate learning styles, increase productivity and so much more. 

Now that the kids are at home for some of their learning, it is important to try to give them a classroom space that keeps them engaged and focused.   I know it’s easier said than done, especially when they have toys, tv or video games in the next room over … But by using the elements of design (the same elements that are used by the professions), you can set up your very home classroom that keeps your children focused and productive.

By using as many of these design elements as possible, you are able to set up your space to not only keep you calm, but to help to facilitate the learning process for your child.  Here are just a few things that are implemented in your child’s school and are something to consider in your own home:

Lighting: Natural light has been proven to boost mood, energy, and productivity!

Space: There are many factors to think about when designating a space in your home for a distance learning area! Make a list of must-haves and brainstorm different areas in your house that can accommodate. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a large space!

Seating: Not all chairs are created equal. It’s important to find a seat that takes your child’s size into consideration. Imagine working in a chair that is too small or too big for you – not fun!

Schedule: The number one rule of school is to keep a schedule. This is so important when your child is attending school in person, and even more important when their routine has shifted. Coming up with a daily schedule can help minimize chaos and bring back some stability to your family. 

Having to move some of the learning into the home this year means we need to thoughtfully set up the space so our kids can get the most out of this school year.  To learn more about turning your Home into a Classroom, check out our new and improved Home to Classroom course and guide for just $97.