Virtual design…What does that even mean? When you hear that, what do you picture? Having to put on some crazy VR headset, or trying to understand design software? Well, I can gladly tell you, it’s neither of these. 


I find many clients are taken aback when I tell them I can design their space virtually.  “Really?! I’d prefer you come see the space,” they say. The fact of the matter is that offering my interior design services virtually allows me to reach a wider audience.  Not to mention, adhering to social distancing guidelines. I am proud to say that those that have taken the leap to use virtual design are thrilled with the results.  So how exactly does it work? 


First, I receive pictures and measurements of your space.  Then, we will get on a video call and you’ll show me around your room.  This is when I will ask the questions about your style, preferences, use of the space and budget.  (Not sure on budget? I can help with that!  Check out my budget guide here:


After we discuss your space, I’ll get to work scouring my resources to find the best pieces for your space.  Then we will get on another video call and I’ll present design options via pictures and floor plans. You’ll be able to choose your favorites, or we can tweak as the space comes together.  


Design is a process.  It isn’t me making decisions for your space.  It’s me bringing you ideas and options that maybe you hadn’t thought of before.  It’s looking at those items, and the floor plans or designs and discussing which ones you love, and which we should go back and change.  My job as the creative is to bring that out in your decisions.  My goal is to ultimately leave you with a space you will love.  


Interested in a virtual design consultation?  Send an email to to set it up!