We have all picked up that perfect piece of art when out shopping only to get home and think, “What do I do with this!?” You may not realize it, but your home might already have the perfect place for your find, a niche. You’ve seen them in homes of all styles, hanging out in hallways or living rooms. I often get asked, “What do I put there?” or “How do I make this fit perfectly?” …so let’s look at some great options for these art niches!


Small niche with no defined ledge: 

  • Highlight the back by painting the niche a different color than the wall.
  • Add wood to the back. Shiplap instantly adds a farmhouse feel.
  • Wallcovering – choosing a bold print can really make a statement here! 
  • Hang a picture that fits the space – be careful not to hang something too small and be no more than 5-6 inches from the edge. 


Larger niche with a ledge: 

This choice will open up more options for your space.  

  • Even if your large niche has a ledge, you can still choose to highlight the back by adding wood or paint.
  • Accessorize the ledge.  Sometimes one simple item is enough to make a statement such as a tall vase, or sculpture. If you favor a farmhouse feel you can add texture with wooden candlesticks, iron baskets, or frames. This is a great look, especially when layered.  Giving some warmth to your space can be as simple as adding a small plant, either real or faux. You can also add a touch of greenery by placing a topiary ball on a candlestick or draping greenery out of a wire basket. 
  • Is the niche lit? If it is, think about an item that needs light to really bring out its beauty.  Something metallic will reflect the light or something glass will really glow when illuminated and can bring even more beauty to the space.  


Niches that are large and high: 

These can be a great place to highlight a large piece of artwork.  But, by addressing the back of the niche you don’t have to put a large framed picture in them.  

  • Wood planks arranged in a herringbone pattern or 45-degree angle pattern can make for artwork in itself.  Try these: www.plankandmill.com.  You can install it yourself and not break the bank.  
  • Peel and stick wallpaper from www.carterandmain.com is a simple project that can be done in a weekend. 
  • Use painters tape to create an interesting pattern and then paint it!

            Pro Tip: Remove tape while the paint is still wet to avoid peeling. 


Trying different options is always a good place to start.  Place items in odd numbers for visual harmony. Combining items of varying size and height can also create visual interest. Think low, medium, and high. Step back and survey your work. So many great options are available for your niche!