Mother’s Day- It’s always that significant day in the Spring when I know I can start my planting and not have to worry about them freezing. This year, we are on day 47 of quarantine.  This year, Mother’s Day looks different.


Typically on Mother’s Day, Mom needs the day off.  No laundry, no dishes.  These simple tasks, which we perform tirelessly and usually without complaint, on Mother’s Day we’d like a break.  


Usually, I request a day spent in the yard, on the patio. Usually planting my front urns. My Mom usually comes over and we garden, chat, and enjoy each other’s company.  This year will be anything but usual. It’s that funny part of our brain that wants what we cannot have.  


This year, we will spend Mother’s Day in quarantine.  This year, there are no handmade gifts coming home from school.  Lord knows the homeschool teacher (aka Me) didn’t add making my own Mother’s Day gifts into the curriculum.  


This year, I want to go out.  To go to a restaurant, and be served, and not do dishes.    We can’t go out to a restaurant and celebrate with each other.  This year, I don’t want to stay home and cook for my family. I have cooked more meals in the last 47 days than probably I have ever cooked consecutively.  


But what I truly want is to spend the day with my Mom.  Reality sets in.  I cannot go see my mom.  She is over 70, and that would be dangerous.  We can’t give her hugs.


None of us ever imagined a global pandemic.  Yet, here we sit, right in the middle of one.  I know when we do come out on the other side of this, I won’t take those hugs for granted.  I will give them every chance I get.  As a Mom, I will take the day off laundry and dishes, but I will absolutely appreciate that I can give my kids a hug and that we can be together.  


So here’s to a Mother’s Day spent at home.  Here’s to appreciating the hugs, and love and hoping to be able to get out there again soon!