Why new design businesses fail: 

The industry is booming!  The last year kept people home and many saving money by not eating out or going on vacations.  Being home 24/7 people realized their Kitchen doesn’t function the way they’d like. The bathrooms are in need of remodeling or that it is finally time to finish the basement to give the family some room to spread out!

With all this work available why are some of you still struggling? 

  1. You are not clear about fees.  You should confidently be able to explain your fee for the client’s project.  Often I see designers that are unable to give a project fee leaving the client unsure at how much they will spend or upset at the end about how much they are being billed.  Be upfront about your fee from the start. 
  2. You have not defined your niche.  If you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one.  Try giving your sales pitch in a room full of 100,000 people.  How many will hear you? Will they hear because they feel you are talking to them or maybe because they are the few people standing in front of you?  Now if you specifically invited 10 people that you know need your service into a room and pitch to them.  How many of those 10 will hear your pitch? All of them! Narrow who you are speaking to.  (Grab my defining your niche guide hear) 
  3. You don’t have a plan.  The old adage throwing spaghetti at a wall until something sticks, should not apply to your design business.  You need a plan.  If you opened your doors and are now working for friends and family and feeling bad charging them, you don’t have a plan. 

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